Blocs and Pulse

again a question about blocs and pulse ( the newest Blocs version and Pulse )
I do a lot of pages with some elements wrap in a pulse cms container. So the client can check in inside the dashboard and change some text. In a new Tab I open the Site, and in another tab the dashboard. Make changes - look the site and refresh …perfekt.

But now when I open the Dashboard and open the Site in a new tab I see inside the Website the things are wrap in pulse cms …and a header ( create new site and so on ) but I don´t want to have this ?! because it doesn’t work perfect …So the idea is good to do changes inside the page and not the dashboard , but why my other sites don’t have this but my newest ?! I think I do the same steps as I did last time …I don’t understand :thinking:
any ideas for me ?

This is the “inline editor” so you can actually make changes right on the website, when you are logged in to the Pulse Dashboard. As soon as you logout of Pulse, and hit refresh on the website, the pink boxes and Pulse menu disappear. Only people logged into the Pulse Dashboard will see this, and it makes it a lot easier to figure out which Pulse Blocks to edit!


I think this is because it was added in Blocs 3.1.1

"Added Pulse CMS 5 admin toolbar support."

As Raimo said:

But if you don't like it, you can switch it off in the Pulse > Admin > Settings:

Or allow the Editor only to see it or Admin...

Hope that helps!

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