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I am working on a site I created using BLOCS, and I am having a few issues when porting to Pulse. The main thing seems to be rooted on the PHP, or the server not resolving “echo path”. I noticed my main navigation was broken and upon closer inspection realized that some links that had HTML were not updated to PHP. I was able to fix that by hand, however, when I save the changes, my logo image disappeared. The PHP tags look like this:

<?php and ?>

And no matter what I do, I cannot update that. Any idea why this could be happening? I am testing locally using MAMP.

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for the post @cao - with Blocs have you tried exporting as a template? Then uploading these files to your Pulse template.php and content folder.

When you see <?php and ?> – is that in the text files in a text editor or when looking from the Pulse admin? If Pulse admin, navigations need to be Super Blocks: sb_navigation.txt

Let us know!

I am not sure I am exporting as a template. I am using the command+shift+E shortcut which produces the “content” and “`template’” folders. I seem to recall seeing that as an option to export for pulse, but I am not sure if I read that on BLOCS or Pulse websites. I will test exporting as template and post updates here.

As far as the <?php and >, I am seeing the after importing to Pulse, in the Pulse editor. Thanks for the tip re: Super Blocks. I will give that a try.


Quick update:

  1. In BLOCS I exported as Pulse template, the output seems to be the same: two folders, one for content and one for template.
  2. Also, in Pulse, I created a sb_ and noticed two things: the &lt;?php now renders as <?php, which is great! However, Now I can change the HTML links to use PHP extension, and all of the links in the menu are leading to a 404.

All help appreciated.


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Thanks @cao

  1. Sounds like you are doing it right… there’s two videos showing how to export from Blocs to Pulse templates here:

  2. Great.
    Did you also update your Menu block to link to .php pages?

Can you DM me a link to your site? If still local, can you zip and send me your exported Blocs site with Pulse installed to see what is missing :slight_smile:


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