Blog goes to 500 error, still need help

This issue is existing from last year, but my previous attempts to get help went no where. I've tried looking into this on my own, even redirecting my blog page to a maintenance page so users don't see the 500 error page if they click on my blog, but that won't work either.

Basically I was having issues with metadata, links were all messed up so social sharing was not working at all. Then while trying to uninstall and reinstall somehow it got even worse so now my blog isn't working at all.

My site only has the home page and the blog templated with Pulse. My other pages are not templated. I have version 5.3.10, this issue began with either 5.1 or 5.2. It's been a while since this originally all began, so I'm really not sure.

I do not renew for Pulse because until this is fixed I see no reason to pay for something that won't work anymore. But it would be nice to have a working blog again.

Not sure what else you may need in regards to this issue.

Sent a direct message to you to diagnose this. Remember to try going to admin/install.php to fix the newer issue.

I feel the same way. I paid $299 and never had a version without a major major flaw. It is my understanding they may have fixed those since but I will never know because I will not renew until I get at least what I was sold. That'll likely never happen.