Blog Post Not Loading When You Click on Post Title

It’s been awhile since I last used Pulse and I’m returning to it once again because I think it’s the best solution for some of my clients BUT I’ve run into some issues and I’ve run out of time. I’m sure this is completely my fault at this point but I do need some HELP!

I’ve installed Pulse in a directory next to my client site (inside /blog), I need it to handle just the blog section of the site. I’ve managed to get the the main blog page showing up in the subdirectory but when I click on the title of each blog post it loads the index.html on the root of the site and NOT the blog post.

I DO NOT have that page anywhere in the /blog (Pulse install) directory. I’m stumped.

Test Version:
Pulse Installed Here:

My config.php:

<?php // GENERAL $path = '/blog'; // If installed in root, leave blank. If in "subfolder", use "/subfolder" $admin = 'admin'; // Admin folder name $autobackup = true; // Turn on/off auto-backup feature date_default_timezone_set('America/Edmonton'); // $language = 'english'; $pulse_serial = '' ; $anonymize_ip = false; // EDITOR $wysiwyg = true; // Toggle on/off WYSIWYG editor in blocks and blog $allow = array('txt','jpeg','gif','jpg','svg','png','pdf','zip'); // File types allowed to be uploaded // MEDIA $jpeg_quality = '95'; // Use 100 for full jpeg quality (larger files) $jpeg_size = '1200'; // Scale jpegs to a max pixel size $thumbnail_height = '120'; // FORM $mail_inputs = array('Name'=>'text','Email'=>'email','Phone'=>'text'); // Input fields $lang_form_name = 'Name'; // Must match "Name" input above $lang_form_email = 'Email'; // Must match "Email" input above $mail_textarea = array('Comment'=>'7'); // 7 = Number of rows in comment textarea $email_contact = array(''); // Example: '','' // BLOG $result_per_page = 5; // Blog posts per page $disqus_comments = false; // Turn on/off blog comments (Disqus) $disqus_shortname = "sample-name"; // Your disqus account name $date_format = "M j, Y"; // // RSS $blog_title = 'Learn About Speedlooks by LookLabs'; $blog_description = 'SpeedLooks are designed by industry professionals for cinematographers, editors and colorists to achieve the character and beauty of 35mm film, all with the click of a button.'; $blog_url = ""; $rss_lang = 'en-us'; $url_prefix = 'blog'; // blog-1-post-title, if changed also edit htaccess My HTACCESS: RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^blog-page-([^-]*)$ ?page=$1&p=home [L] RewriteRule ^blog-([^-]*)+? ?d=$1&p=home [L] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?p=$1 [L] Any help would be appreciated.

Nice site @futuristicvlad

The issue is the .htaccess file as the call to the blog post is redirecting the user back to the site root. Try either commenting out the rewrite base line

// RewriteBase /

or change it so it includes the blog sub directory

RewriteBase /blog/

You can see that your blog posts are fine as we can still access them using the query strings Pulse uses to pass the post reference to the page;

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That did it. Thank you!

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No Problem. I’m glad it worked for you.

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