Bring Pulse 5 features into Pulse 4?

Hey all

I currently have a website in Pulse 4.3.1 and enjoy it because it's simple to use and very minimal. I did explore the option of moving to version 5.something but it was way to messy and busy for me. It seemed like way to many files for the same thing. Now, it wasn't really exactly the same, I did like some new features so I was going to ask, has anyway implemented features from 5.x back to older versions of Pulse?

I'd be interested in improving the blog, so maybe things like adding pagination, and I like the split view which version 5 has.

Anyway, here to see if anyone's done any mods to their older versions of Pulse :slight_smile:

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I have also still a license for Pulse 4, but I never made any mods, and it does not run on PHP 8 anyway, nor does an old 5.x version which I also had bought a license for some years ago. Buying a new license for almost 300 $ is no option for me (being only a hobbyist nowadays). So, good-bye, Pulse.

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Hi, we will get back to you in a few days with a response on this. Thank you for your patience.

No there are no plans to backport features to Pulse4 at this time. It’s an interesting idea although current plans are to slim down Pulse5. However if it helps there is Pulse Slim for V5 which cuts down on the number of files by eliminating Font Awesome and using a Google based CDN for JavaScript.


Hi all, in case you're looking to experiment more with the latest version of PulseCMS, you can try the new Pulse Core: Pulse Core (free for most) Beta Released 🏁

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