Change CSS Style in "Blog-item-content"

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I have done a blog page in my website using pulcms. I would like to change the CSS style of several elements but without modifying the style of the title, date and the name of the editor

I would like to add a margin of 15 px before the "Blog-item-Content" and change the style of "Read more" element to bold style. How could I do it but without modifying the rest of the elements, please?

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Edit css file:

on line 59, add new code

.tag-blog-item-featured-image {
	margin-bottom: 15px;

	/*font-weight: bold;*/
	font-weight: 900;

.tag-blog-item-content {
	margin: 15px;

Thank you so much IvaRo. Your CSS code works perfectly. :grin:

The last question, how could I change the font color (to black #000000) to the text below the image, please?.

Thank you very much.


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I answer to myself:

add this code to pulsecore.css

.tag-blog-item-content {
margin: 15px;
color: #000000;

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Great solution @wardiam and @IvaRo

@wardiam - if you can add them as overwrites to your template styles file might be best in case of when updating Pulse installs! :slight_smile:

Thanks. But how could I create CSS style with my changes to overwrite pulsecore.css?

style pulsecore.css is a basic style, it is not appropriate to overwrite it.
I used the styling as the theme for future versions of Pulse.
Blog has its own style = inc / tags / css / blog.css.
Here you can edit your blog.

I recomend:

Use Firefox Developer Edition:

Here you will find everything you need:
"Tools / Web Developer"

Look at similar sites, for example:

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