Form languages – am i missing something?

hi all,

i am trying to get the form to work in spanish, but i think it still does not load the labels form the language files?
i made the changes directly in the JSON, this works fine. i also removed phone, since i dont need it, but now the backend throws a couple of warnings.

i think the standard form should be more flexible; checkboxes in the backend for fields we need, and the possibility to change the names of the labels, since this is not working (or what does "Text for Name" exactly do in the backend? if i input something else nothing happens – before and after i made the above stated changes)

i dont want to use justforms, since, as i posted already a few weeks ago in some other thread, the mails do not work with some specific 1&1 (DE) email addresses.


and warnings

*** EDIT ****
the form does not work with the changes i made, in the email only "Comentario" arrives but the name is missing. the reply email also works fine.

just tested justforms again… still no luck, i dont get the emails if i input my 1&1 germany email address as recipient ^^ this is getting frustrating.

Thanks - the form fields are a known issue and will be fixed in the next update:

I've sent you a DM about the justforms - there shouldn't be any 1&1 issues - emails look like they are going out in logs. Please work with me on the DM to help your issue. Help me to help you :wink:

thats great! that way I could work around the 1&1 problem ^^

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Fixed in 5.0.2! :smiley::+1: