Help you sell Pulse to your clients

I can appreciate it is difficult to sell an alternative CMS to clients (especially if they come to you and say "I want you to make me a WordPress site!).

Assuming you want to work with Pulse and appreciate the benefits it has for your clients and for you making the site (easier to template, saves time, makes money, less stress for clients, updating issues...etc) over WordPress for example... then these resources will be useful:

You get two versions: to sell to your boss; white-label to sell "your CMS" (Pulse rebranded) to your clients

Feel free to adapt / re-use / share

PDF versions and also Mac OS X Pages versions to work from.

I'll leave you with this image...

So essentially you are telling us it is clothing optional when we go to sell Pulse to our bosses/clients. :slight_smile:

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errrr yes - exactly!

If anyone else has ever made any other factsheets before please share them.

Like wise - user manuals Might be good to share those too. Things that you give to the client to run their Pulse site after the job is done.

Michael, you’ve seen the Client’s Guide to Pulse CMS document I sent you a while ago that I put together for a particular client to step them through how they can log in and maintain their site.
It’ll be good to see a white label version of the document that users can brand and pass on to their clients.

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Great idea @TimPlumb and will look at doing this asap
Looks like it will take a while though so might just start with a basic version and then people can flesh it out depending on their specific client requirements


Any license can rebrand Pulse? Or is only for Unlimited/Agency level?

Thanks @dan - sure - even single domain licenses can rebrand Pulse for that project if a client project :+1:

Great news! Is there documentation on how to easy whitelabel the CMS?

At the moment no but I’ve filmed a shoddy video on my iPhone for kicks I can upload later :sunglasses:

In the meantime, for changing out the logo this article will help:

looking forward to see it!


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