Just getting started...and stopped


OK, so I'm trying to get started with the Pulse CMS on my own server. All is well with copying the files over to the root folder (at least for my specific account) on the server, with appropriate file permissions and a working .htaccess file at friend.ucsd.edu/admin/index.php

I have the ability to log in as a demo user. Making any changes (i.e., the time zone from Tokyo to Los Angeles and the password) does not stick. The changes are said to be "saved", but I am unable to login with my new password.

A screencast of what I am seeing is here.

Furthermore, I purchased the $297 $97 version of the software as I only will use the software on this (educational) site to try to manage a lot of content, and nowhere am I asked to provide my Pulse 5 CMS license a004-0c41-9a19-XXXX I purchased back on the 9th of September.

As far as I can tell, there's no indication that the Pulse CMS has any idea I actually have paid for it, from the server software or from the pulsecms.com website. Certainly it keeps asking me to pay for a license in a dozen different ways.

?? Color me confused and annoyed.

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