Justforms issue

I am testing the suitability of Justforms for a client and there are two issues:

  1. I cannot seem to make the email submission come from anywhere but postmaster@justformsemail.yuzoolthemes.com

Ideally it should appear to come from the clients domain.

  1. We need to get rid of the message at the bottom of submission reports that say:

For more details, please click here.

Because that takes them to MY Justforms account. So either each client has to have their own account, or this link needs to be removed. As it is, this is great for testing purposes but I cannot deploy it on a client site.

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Thanks @jdloudon we’ll look into those and see about adding vanilla email send out notifications (that requires issues regarding spoofing if a different domain. As it is, it’s sent via Mailgun so good deliverability) and “For more details, please click here.” ok we can consider removing this too :slight_smile:

Thanks for considering this. Actually the “from” email address is not such a big deal. As long as I tell client that their form submissions will be coming from hello@yuzoolthemes.com then they can whitelist that and its all good.

The “For more details, please click here.” issue is more of a problem. I can tell client to ignore it but it looks like a bit of a kludge when I am selling the system to clients.

Cheers, James

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Cheers James - you’re right
That was there for you the designer / site maker for convenience. But when white-labelling to clients it’s not such a useful thing.

Noted and will add that the next time we do updates to the Forms app :slight_smile:

Fixed in 5.0.2! :smiley::+1: