Justforms server error almost every time page loades after a while

hello guys,

i am having trouble with justforms. every day i get this error when loading the page, if i refresh it goes away for many hours.

the form itself shows up, but this error comes below the form. the form appears to work correctly also. if i send an email after the error shows up the message gets delivered with no problems (at least the couple of times i tried). any idea of whats happening?

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Glad to hear you are using it everyday @squareclouds-design

It seems a cache issue we’re looking into - for now hard refresh the browser should cure it.

Looking into it :slight_smile:

Just done some server amends so fingers crossed that helps :slight_smile:

dear michael,

i just tested it for the first time today, sadly it is still there :frowning:

same error #32. it would be great if the server error section would be wrapped in a div with a css class so i can at least hide it for the time being.

Sorry didn’t message again but fixed it later that day - updated the server and changed some settings.

The message has gone and you can now also see that on your site :slight_smile:

hi michael,

thanks! its working now :slight_smile:

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@squareclouds-design Yeahhhhhhh~~~ :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::star_struck::+1: