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Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to see the latest "shipping" version of pulse on the bottom of my admin page or somewhere? Or, is there some kind of notice pushed when it is updated?

I have been periodically visiting

to check, but, I wonder if there is a better way.


Thanks - as of 4.5.2 it shows the version and a download link to get the latest.

Push is not implemented but we’re look into it and making better update notifications from within Pulse.

That said, am sure you’ll know when we release as we will Tweet, FB, Email newsletter and post it here in this forum :slight_smile:

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as of 4.5.2 it shows the version and a download link to get the latest.[/quote]

Thank you Micheal. Yes, it does (re the link for latest), however, that is where the issue maybe.

At first, I just downloaded the latest and got ready to upgrade my install…but, I wondered what version “” was that I just downloaded.

When I looked in the zip, there was no visible version, so, I went to the changelog to see that I did, in fact have the latest.

Did I miss an obvious place to see it?

Re all the places you post, yes, no doubt you are covering the spectrum, but, with FB, twitter and even the forum, there is a good chance I will not see it. I don’t use fb and if one does not catch twitter at the moment, I am not sure how long it would be visible until it scrolls off. Email is great! a version number in the zip would be nice too :stuck_out_tongue:

I am probably an outlier user when it comes to all the social media stuff and why I asked if it was available in the admin section so it would just be visible when i am working on it. But, no problem! I will continue to watch my email and the changelog page, Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah we want to make it better so looking at push updates with admin :grinning:

For now though - sure keep in touch on email and blog perhaps?
(whithout needing to check social media)..

4.5.2 is solid so unlikely to be an update until v.5 comes out..

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Is there a rough ETA for v5?

Nope sorry - it’s too far away to anything yet I’m afraid, sorry
But we will filter through updates as and when we hit milestones!


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It would be gladly nice, when there would be a notice, what version i’m going to update (for example i have installed 4.5.1 and behind ‘Update’ there were a bracket ‘Update (4.5.2)’)

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Great idea @eltoron and that works in theory … we just need to think how best to do this as many people heavily customise their Pulse and won’t want an install to overwrite their current admin files by accident. This might need to be something which can be switched on/off.

We’ll have a think about it :wink:

We’re looking at adding an auto-update function in a near future version. But that might not be a great idea as mentioned above.

But for now, complete version history is here: