Move Pulse dir from one subdomain to another

how do I correctly copy/duplicate a Pulse installation.

First approach was just to duplicate, adjust dir name (also in config.php) - but I could not log in.
So I deleted everything, started from scratch with an empty copy. That worked.
Is there any kind of cache file I have to delete?

The purpose is to copy/move the pulse installation from a subdomain I am preparing the site on with all its contents to the production domain.
Or do I always have to start from scratch with the pulse core and can then copy blog and media contents over?

Thanks, Igor

Are you using it inside RW or “pure”?

Hi Jannis, I am using outside RW, not as resource, but I use your fabulous RW stacks for RW.
What happened was, after copy and dir rename in config.php, that I cannot log in any more…
Thanks for advice.
Cheers, Igor

When developing a Pulse powered site I tend to set up a subdomain for the site on one of my development servers. This keeps the paths and config.php details identical to the final live server (assuming you are installing at the site root).

When you are done with development you can then move the whole install over to the new server making sure you move any required .htaccess or config.php files over as well.

On the Mac the .htaccess files will be hidden by default so it could be that you’ve downloaded it from the development server but not uploaded it again to the live server. A missing config.php file will also prevent you from logging in too.

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Thanks guys, got it working now.
Cheers, Igor

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