New add-on for creating multi-languages sites with Pulse CMS 4


This topic is somewhat old but it takes only a week or so to finally put the translation live with localizer, yay!
Now I had made two buttons in a ul that I wanted to highlight when the chosen language is ‘on’. Jquery add- and remove Class-thing. Now this, it works in codepen, in jsfiddle, but not on the page with the blocks! :confused:

I tried the whole (yester)day and evening. It is not a css-conflict, the jquery library is okee, so in heaven’s name what can it be.
Later I thought, there might be a php solution to that, so that the active language ‘echo’'s the active class. I suppose something in localizer.pgp needs to be done. Is this a realistic idea?
I am going to try something.


Found another solution, so simple, I just added a class to the link to ?locale=en and ?locale=nl. That I didn’t think of that before.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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