Pulse 3 extend blog titles?

Hi guys,

I have a clients website which still runs on Pulse 3 (it's an older website). Unfortunately she doesn't have the money to pay me a complete upgrade of her page to the latest Pulse CMS system (yes, I did offer it, I'm not lazy :grin:).

The problem is that she has very long blog titles, which don't fit / causes Pulse 3 to cut them short (see attached image).

Anyone know if any of the files (and which ones) could be changed to increase the amount of characters allowed in the title section of the blog posts? It would be great if the issue could be solved like this since it would require little work on my side, my client would get her long titles and the page wouldn't have to be completely upgraded to Pulse 4/5.

Thanks a bunch in advance.



The restriction on blog title lengths appears in the post.php file but not, oddly, in the edit-post.php file which means that you can just edit the posts once you've created them and the longer titles will get displayed.
If you want to make a more permanent fix then open the pulsepro/post.php file and you should find the form that handles the new blog post data. Look for the input with the name "subject" and remove the maxlength attribute or increase the default 70 character limit to suit your blog title length.


Hey TimPlumb,

Thank you so much for your help, worked like a charm!!

Decided to change the max length (seems like a way cleaner solution than changing it every time) :slight_smile:

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Oh thanks for askiing the question Phil, and Tim for answering! What a coincidence, I am just now turning blog into a ‘program-page’ and there is definitely need for longer titles!

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