Pulse 4.7 is here and the best version of Pulse yet ⚡️

Hot on the tail of 4.6.2 and the Cloud announcement this week, let me introduce you to Pulse 4.7!

So many awesome things packed into this one, I tell ya :zap:

New default theme, new tag for complex multi-page, logic-enhanced-stat-loving contact forms, button for the blog (thanks @Oliver ), a security fix for PHP Mailer and a much requested auto-responder for the contact form. That's a lot of coolness. Read more about it below.

Best of all, it's a FREE update to all 4.x license holders and really easy to update. Just replace all files on your Pulse folder (except for "content" and "template" - which contain your template files, page content, blocks and media). More on the details of the update and how to do it below.

OK, without further ado...

How to get it

  • Added to your Pulse Cloud Dashboard for easy access.
  • Free update to all 4.x users!
  • If you're on the email list, it's already been emailed out (or will be soon!)
  • If have 4.5.2, click the "download" link in the admin UI.
  • If you have neither the above, sign up to the mailing list and get it!

Don't forget to buy your license for using Pulse on a live / remote server!

Get your Pulse CMS license. Valid for as many sites as you wish.
Get it here from Pulse Cloud >

How to install it

  • Upload all files to your Pulse folder, except for "content" and "template" folders
  • Take a backup before this step in case something goes wrong. Easiest way to do this is download content>backups and the latest backup zip file.
  • Upload and enjoy!

What's changed?



  • Pulse Cloud - now one license for unlimited sites. Join the Pulse Cloud today to get unlimited sites, updates, premium addons, form builder app (to make multi-page interactive forms and surveys with form logic and stats), Pulse 5 when it drops, and many more exclusive things: https://app.moonclerk.com/pay/kgu2jwx07dw
  • New Just Forms Tag included in the Pulse Core. Just add
    {{justforms}}to any page followed by options for form ID and form height and you can easily embed your forms e.g {{justforms:formid:height}} so {{justforms:1:300}} // Requires a Pulse Cloud subscription to make awesome forms
  • Gorgeous new default theme! Colourful, bright and simple - shows the power of Pulse and finally modernises the default site. Uses two alternate templates too, to show that in action
  • Standard Contact form auto responder for the {{form}} tag - any contact form submissions will automatically receive a thank you email from the admin address in config.php. You can change the message in the language files
  • Blog single posts now have "back" button to return to blog top page
  • Minimum PHP version now 5.6!


  • Security fix for Contact Form - latest version of PHP Mailer added
  • Path bug crept in with Pulse installs in the root and galleries - all fixed up
  • Blog URL moved in config.php to "Blog" so not easily missed!
  • Sortable list now shows no bullets
  • Archive button on blogs fix for RapidWeaver sites
  • Template.php and contact form errors are now fixed
  • Help now opens in new window

Phew! :sweat_smile: That's a lot of cool stuff!

Now go out there and update your Pulse sites (or your client's) for definite. You and they deserve all this excellentness.

Happy Pulsing!


I’m a previous 4.+ license holder.How do I download the new 4.7 version without joining the Pulse Cloud thing?

I’ve sent you a message about that :slight_smile:

But whey wouldn’t you want to join it?! :wink:

I would also like to upgrade to 4.7 without a subscription. Please send instructions.

Thanks Doug - message sent :slight_smile: