Pulse 5.02 upgrade just leads to blank page

Okay I just upgraded Pulse 5.01 with 5.02 and all I get is a “blank page”… I can’t even get to the admin area anymore. So I tried a “fresh install” of Pulse (in a subfolder) and can’t get the the installer to run, same “blank page”

URL to admin area here - https://www.havemanelectric.com/pulse/admin

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Same issue I am experiencing.

Thanks for the bug report - this is most likely something in the packaging on the last update. Will check and update :slight_smile:

Same over here. Fresh install - same failure (failed to oen stream pulsecore/dispatcher.php).
The file is just missing in the download - zip. If you comment it out in bootsrap.php youn can enter the admin panel - frontend ist broken because of missing dispatcher.

Fixed in a rebuild deployed to the server today - please redownload and it should be fine :slight_smile: There were a couple of files missing in the zip build, sorry about that.