Pulse 5.3.3 is here! πŸš€


Pulse 5.3.3 is here and it comes with some small features and updates, but will have big impacts on your projects and workflow.

Thanks to all of you who helped with feedback and also provided BETA testing with this solid release :slight_smile:

Initial feedback from BETA users already:

Good job so far.. Loving the filesize reduction and the way of picking the featured image of a post.. :+1:

Some highlights to run through:

  1. You can now pick the featured image of a post from a nifty image selector

  1. Re-ordering of images in the media can now be dragged and dropped across pages (great when lots of images exist)

  1. Huge file reduction again of the ZIP install file so much lighter to get it onto your server!

  2. URLs of the form blog/A-Very-Nice-Blog-Post or blog/subblog/A-Very-Nice-Blog-Post are now supported

  3. Extended Blog loop now exists to make it more flexible to style

On this Blog loop, you can check the Pulse Docs (manual) for more information but essentially:

The format is either:

  1. {{blog}}
  2. {{blog}} {{featured-image}} {{blog-content-loop}} {{blog-item-author}} {{blog-item-date}} {{blog-item-featured-image}} {{blog-item-title}} {{blog-item-content}} {{/blog-content-loop}} {{/blog}}

The tag parameter layout is still supported too. That is something like:
{{blog:"blog":"[[featured-image]] [[blog-content-loop(<<blog-item-author>> <<blog-item-date>> <<blog-item-featured-image>> <<blog-item-title>> <<blog-item-content>>)]]"}}

This allows you to add your own HTML hooks and design elements around the Blog pieces in the loop and create a really fantastic looking blog! This works for sub-blogs too :wink:

How to get it

As always, download it from your Pulse dashboard account >

How to update

We always recommend backing up (especially if you've done some customisations). You can follow the update procedure in the Pulse docs for manual updates, but the auto update should also work.

We ran test updates with this build and it worked.

Version History

The full run-down of the updates can be found below!

Pulse 5.3.3




  • Dropzone upload icon back for Font Awesome 5
  • Fix for Sweet alert error X image
  • Hide bullets in Pages META
  • Ecommerce / Shop table headers fixed to one line
  • Better handles leading slashes in image URLs for {{recentposts_visual}}
  • Fixed the Media Gallery sub folder sorting bug
    Suggestions for 5.3.2
  • Plugged in a fix for showing audio/media files in the media folder
    Work started on 5.3.3
  • CSS fix to ensure bullets appear for unordered lists in Editor mode
  • Fix for editor adding blocks now adds the block to the editor block ACL list

Thanks again all and happy Pulsing in 5.3.3! :heart_eyes:

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Tried the auto update and received this error.

Parse error : syntax error, unexpected ':', expecting '{' in /home/somedirectory/public_html/pulse/pulsecore/src/tag/runner.php on line 85

  • What version are you updating from?
  • Can you attach/send logs?

It works in testing from 5.3.2 but some variables may affect it (server, customisations etc)


Hi Michael
I am receiving the same parse error as Vicky above when I try today's release using a localhost account as a fresh install. As soon as I run .../admin/install.php I get the following:
Parse error : syntax error, unexpected ':', expecting '{' in E:\1 - All Work\Customers\Pulse5\www.pulse5.com\site\www\5.3.3\pulsecore\src\tag\runner.php on line 85.

As you can see my localhost runs a virtual account www.pulse5.com where I try each version - this time in a folder 5.3.3. All previous versions have worked thusfar on my localhost.

Before posting this I have also gone to a live server and upon running the . . ./admin/install.php file came up with a blank screen. Using cPanel to view the error log I see a similar error recorded. viz

[24-Jun-2019 12:09:34 Asia/Tokyo] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ':', expecting '{' in /home/visreal/public_html/pulse/pulsecore/src/tag/runner.php on line 85.

Are others reporting the same? Have you maybe released the wrong edition?
Cheers! AceTutor


I ftp'd everything and still get the same error. Now I can't access anything at all, not the admin or the site. It was just a test site, so not a big deal.


Thanks @vwatson - we've just released a patch fix for this and you can redownload from the dashboard and try again :slight_smile:

We checked into this error in more detail and that is a PHP 7 feature called return type declarations:


As we are still supporting the PHP 5.6 branch we needed to run the php 5.6 linter to see what's going on.

PHP 5 is no longer supported https://www.php.net/supported-versions.php

So at some point the number of installs should drop to the point where we can switch to the latest PHP 7 exclusively rather than supporting both (we already recommend PHP7.0+)

In fact, we need to open a a quick discussion on this and most likely switch to this very soon as PHP7+ is extremely recommended.

The fix covers a repair for the method signatures and a unit test to check the changes. The linter isn't flagging anything else so you should be good to go :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting!

Thanks Also @AceTutor - hopefully the above helps you also :slight_smile:


Here's such a poll @vwatson!

Be interesting to see what comes of it :slight_smile:


Yes, working here now. Thanks.


Hi Michael
Firstly, thanks for providing so promptly a "patch fix" version. Really appreciated. Like Vicky I can now say v5.3.3 is working here. To assist anyone else having hiccups please note my workflow to get there!

My first attempt of installation worked partially on my local host (using php 5.6.4). I was able to enter the admin dashboard etc. however I was not able to preview any pages. I was confronted with yet another parsing error. Mutter, mutter!

Before reacting, I then went to a live server install. Before extracting and installing I made sure that the server was configured for php 7.0. The install and preview of the new site worked exactly as expected. I then reset the server via cPanel back to the servers native php 5.6 setting. Refreshing the preview of the site produced a blank page. Resetting back to php 7.0 immediately set Pulse to its correct environment.

I then returned to my local host and after setting it up to run php 7.3.3, I was delighted to see everything working fine. Bravo!

I've concluded, from my experience, that this patched fix version of 5.3.3 works only in a php 7 environment.

What is now confusing, that I would recommend fixing, is the "admin/install.php" file. After a successful install the package reported to me that version 5.6 is acceptable!

Again thanks for the great support.
We cheer you and your team on.
Pulse is a fantastic package!


Thank you and that's really nice to say :star_struck:

5.3.3 should still be working on PHP 5.6. It may be that it needs to be 5.6.5 or have certain dependencies switched on.

That said, it looks like Pulse 5.3.4 onwards (or so) will be PHP 7 or higher only. The survey is speaking for itself:


And yes that will mean updating the installer checker also - good idea.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


I downloaded the new version and upon testing, I've found that the shop doesn't parse upon install. I wonder what I might've done for that.


Does the shop work for anyone on a fresh new install of the latest version?


hi all,

the sub-blogs arent working after the update :-/

{{blog-show:blogname:blog}} {{featured-image}} {{blog-contentloop}}
{{blog-item-author}} {{blog-item-date}} {{blog-itemfeatured-
image}} {{blog-item-title}} {{blog-item-content}} {{/
blog-content-loop}} {{/blog}}

just shows the normal blog (obviously after i changing "blogname" to something else)

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These blog and shop issues were fixed in 5.3.4: