Pulse 5.3.7 is out today! 🌴


It's still summer here (hence the :palm_tree:) and hot on the tails of 5.3.6 we've just released 5.3.7 today!

It's quite great and includes a few overdue things.


Ecommerce Tags

  • Stripe checkout now included! This is great for quick payment buttons / buy now / and is EU SCA regulation ready and also works with  Apple Pay

  • PayPal quick buy now buttons Tag also

  • These are a great alternative to the built-in ecommerce if you want to just add quick buttons without a full blown cart. These are based on plugins we offered and have now been updated to be 2019 EU regulation compatible and in the core as Tags:

  • You can see the manual on how to set them up and the above screen.

Next up, UI improvements:

Thanks for all the feedback on those :pray:

As always:

Work has already started on 5.3.8..... :wink:

Full version history update:

Pulse 5.3.7


  • Added Stripe Checkout Tag for quick buy now items on any page or block
  • Added PayPal Tag for quick buy now items also
  • It's easy to make Pulse addons - see here for details


  • Various UI and UX improvements
    Work started on 5.3.3
  • Moved the Managed Tags setting to under Blogs in General
  • Moved Ecommerce and Users panes out of settings Extend and into the main side navigation
  • There's also an option under Settings > Extend to disable Ecommerce and it will also disappear from the sidebar (and from Editors). It's on by default.
  • Hyperlinked to Editor user from main Users page
  • Linked to Manage User Groups from Users page
  • Moved Update and Debug into the Account dropdown menu and only show for site Admin
  • Moved Avatar Upload to General under Admin username
  • Removed Navigation title from main sidebar
  • Added website Navigation link to the main sidebar and out of General settings - and this only appears for Admin
  • Pages icon improved in sidebar and alignment of icons on iPad
  • Removed spacing at top of sidebar
  • Integrate RapidWeaver option moved to Extend Plugins pane and improved translations


  • Preview link in settings dropdown fixed again
  • Stats layout Blocks not overlapping anymore on width

5.3.6: Admin Preview Button - Wrong URL - Solution
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Work started on 5.3.3

Wow Amazing
Thank you so much !!

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