Pulse- A New Future with New Owners

Thanks! Great to meet you.. And thanks for building this great community and product. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words Mark and good to see you posting here. You started something quite special with Pulse! :slight_smile:

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That would be great!

So.. I had a laundry list of bugs. I haven’t used the product in awhile because I never had an install that worked right so I don’t have a production site to show you. https://testing.your-web.site was the last install we were working on troubleshooting but eventually gave up. When the year was up, the server hosting that dev site was taken down.

  1. URLs had to have /blog/blog/article_title to work. Change anything that says “blog” and you get a 404.

  2. Backup process sometimes took 10-20 minutes on user login, even when there is very little content, causing server issues and users to complain about the site being down. Using cloudlinux isolates this problem to just the one hosting account thankfully but THIS IS BIGGEST PROBLEM AND DEAL BREAKER CAUSING ME NOT TO USE IT!

  3. Not a bug, but it was very difficult to change TOS page to fit site owner’s terms. (We worked around it though.

  4. Not a bug, but I still haven’t figured out how to remove the “made with pulse” from menus for white labeling.

  5. Sharing URLS from site to facebook used pulsecms imagery and not article’s images. Opengraph settings just didn’t work.

I’m sure there is a lot more. Like I said, it has been awhile since I dabbled with it so I can’t remember every problem I had. There was a lot of them.

If you did extend my license, I’d be happy to pick up where I left off and actually see if using pulsecms is viable for my clients once more.



Hi Sean-

Read thru the issues. My guess is some could be related to your particular software stack. But regardless happy to fix them all.

I have a lot of experience writing software that works even in the worst of webhosts- so I know tiny things cause problems but there are almost always ways to ensure it works out of the box.

I’m going to send you an email later today. Please write back.

I think the first is your #1 which is the backup issue.

Later this week I’ll add all these items to our bug tracker:

Keep the ideas and recommendations coming everyone!

Happy to change the stack anyway change is needed. We have root on several servers running very popular webhost panels that manage the stack.

DirectAdmin and cPanel

@sean We sent out an email. Let me know if you didn't get it.

Looks like the email is only working in one direction again.

Hi @sean,

I added all your above items to our public issues tracker:

We seem to be getting back-and-forth emails OK in our support desk.. But I did send your message differently- I CC'd Paul and my own email.. I'm sending you a private forum message. Lets resolve all these items from there.

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