Pulse CMS v5.3.12 now available!

This was our first release after new management. We hope to have more releases coming soon!

How to get it

As always, download it from your Pulse dashboard account >

The Pulse demo (trial) is also updated to 5.3.12, in case users want to try the improvements.

New, beautiful docs

We also released new online docs, including code tours and help articles:

Whats New



  • Blog routing fix. Resolved issue which would cause some blog entries not to route correctly. (Especially old ones.)
    Blog url renaming not working
  • Case-insensitive comparisons for blog URL routing to avoid typos.

Why its important

We addressed 2 of the toughest concerns about Pulse head on- the lack of multi-word navigation and issues with blog links not working. This version protects your SEO. Not only did we fix an issue that affects some blog links, we improved the blog lookups to be more flexible- if either the blog ID or title is matched in the link, the blog will render. So, even you send out the link, and then change the blog title, your blog links work. And that means, SEO is preserved.

How to use multi-word navigation

Simply add a dash to your page names. For example, "About -Us" becomes "About Us".

Going forward

We're extremely excited to keep making Pulse amazing. This is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more improvements, and let us know what you want to see in Pulse.


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Its good to hear about Pulse CMS v5.3.12 now available. pulse cms is a useful site software designed for websites.