PulseCMS dead? No information?

Hi. I wonder whether Pulse will continue to be developed. For months, no news about further updates, no general information at all.

I was quite happy using Pulse but for all new projects I use alternatives now.

Unless there is good reasons for this non communication I will definitely stopp using Pulse completely. I also won’t recommend it to others.


Yes, I was very hopeful about its future. Been using it since vesion 3 whhen Mark was running it. Sadly I shall have to look at alternatives as well. Juergen, can you tell me what you have been using instead? Can send by pm istead of on here if you like.

If you find a solutions please let me know. I'm using Blocs designer and have been using Pulse because it works pretty well to create a Blocs CMS site.

Awful quiet. :slight_smile: Is this thing on?

I think the latest version is a very stable version. So i'll keep using it anyway.
Did somebody tried the 5,4 BETA version?

Legal wise… some features need an update and better examples and documentation also how to acces this documentation can be a lot better in my opinion.

If you are using Blocs, I would definitely check out Volt CMS by @instacks (Jannis uses the name "BlocsAddons" for his Blocs products) Does pretty much everything Pulse does, and is far better supported. Only real drawback is it is Blocs only, so not an answer for people looking for an alternative using other environments.
Personally - I have moved on to Wordpress now and the excellent Oxygen Builder. I haven't added Pulse to a new site in almost 2 years, and slowly migrating everything away. I only have a handful of Rapidweaver and Blocs sites left, that have Pulse 4 & Pulse 5 still installed and being maintained.

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