Scroll Lock Possible?

Hi All,

I’m new here and slowly getting used to the new CCMS and really enjoying the discovering process.

I have a use for the maligned scroll lock design utilised by sites such as Selz (which has a Pulse plugin).

I’m wondering if this is available with in the page creator on the Pulse CMS? I use Blocs primarily as my page developer but that app does not support scroll lock and is unlikely to do so anytime.

Thanks for your help community!

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Great to have you aboard @bammac and glad you are enjoying yourself!

With "scroll lock" do you mean full page / slide website as here on the right or the scroll indicator at the bottom?

You can certainly do something similar with a Pulse theme called "Deck":

Hopefully this helps!


Thank you, yes that’s certainly what I mean by scroll lock. I think is an effective way of using the navigation approach.

Will take a look at the Deck theme.

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Be great to see how you get on @bammac and please share the site you make! :slight_smile:

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