Statistics Opt Out for EU-Data Privacy Laws

Is there a possibility for an Op-Out Button for the stats?
In Europe - that’s a very important legal issue.

Users have to be able, to deactivate Tracking

Not at the moment but we can add it.

For now, you can just switch off the stats from your project, that is already an option :slight_smile:
And include the Privacy Policy template Tag on the data you collect and how you store it so should be compatible.

Looking into this - we actually don’t need it.

The stats are anonymous. They don’t store the IP nor put the data anywhere else so this is not a worry :slight_smile:

ok - thanks for the replay :grinning:

But there has to be the possibility for the user to chose if they are being tracked or not. It would be very useful if there would be the possibility for an opt-out link for the user - in the future.

Otherwise it is very risky to use the stats with these new EU-laws for privacy.

They aren’t tracked. No personal data is stored, so there is no need for an opt-out.

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