Stats and CSS not working

Hi All,
I’m new guy in here. I’ve use the Pulse 4.7.2 and Blocs 2.5.2

  1. Pulse work for me is good, but when i try to use Blocs have some problem,
    I just export to Pulse CMS Theme, and upload to change the content and template with new file, then Stats stop working, How to fix it?
  2. The Blocs make theme working but some css not working, example button change color, you’ll lost the style when you done in Blocs.
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Welcome @leoyue!

Pulse+Blocs is a great combo.

  1. Did you “export for Pulse4 template”?

If it’s missing still… you can fix this manually.
Add this line to just before the closing </body> in the layout.php in Template folder:

<!-- Stats Tracking Code -->
		<script src="<?php echo $path; ?>/<?php echo $admin; ?>/inc/tracker.php?uri=<?php echo $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; ?>&ref=<?php echo $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']; ?>"></script>  
  1. Do you mean the button in Pulse is not looking the same as in Blocs? Can you share a link to the site? Which button is it? A CTA button?

It shouldn’t be over-ridden by any stylings but if so it could be a quick change in the Templates style.css will do it :slight_smile:

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