Template 5.03 Default or Alternate

Hi. When template alternate is installed or the default one is changed in pulse 5.03 it stops working >> Gallery / slide / thumbs / masonry. The only function that is done is to see the images. - Example here >> http://montecaseros.net/pulse/michael-gallery


This looks like JavaScript error. Please check inside Google Chrome or Firefox with web developer tools.

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Thanks, it does not work with another template, see now I put original default and it works ok. >>> http://montecaseros.net/pulse/michael-gallery

Can you tell us which template you are using?

I am using alternate template Pulse 4.5/ 4.7 .

It would be interesting to place in the next update an alternative template like the old 4.5


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Here you have another site that was working ok until I updated it from 4.7 to 5.3 I put you url of a gallery. I stop working the same Regards >>>> http://termasarapey.uy/imagenes_y_fotos_termasarapey

Agree @todotermas - more templates in the default demo would be interesting. Might not make the next release but definitely in our targets. The Pulse Builder out soon will also help with template creation.

Thanks for the bug report - will test and fix in the next update coming soon :slight_smile:

@todotermas - can you DM me your template file? I think it’s missing Pulsecore files:

In the <head>:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php echo $path; ?>/pulsecore/asset/css/pulsecore.css">
<?php echo \pulsecore\get_context()->theme->css->render(); ?>
<?php echo \pulsecore\get_context()->theme->js->render(); ?>
<?php echo \pulsecore\get_context()->theme->js_body->render(); ?>

See the example template and let me know.

Here is Michael, the one in use (link removed)

Avisame si algo esta mal

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Thanks - got it and seems the P5 tags are missing. Once we add the above to your template it will work :slight_smile:

I’ll DM you the details!

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