Trouble logging in for first time

I just purchased Pulse 5 last week and as yet have been unable to log in. I downloaded the files, copied them to the root (htdocs) folder on my server and adjusted the config.php file with what I THINK is the correct file path. Because I left all of the Pulse files in the folder named “pulse”, the file path is as follows:

Is that correct? Any and all help appreciated!

Warm Regards, - Randy

Absolutely here to help!

I emailed yesterday with a fix for this- hope you got it!

To install, go to and it auto fills in the info. Then go to login with password “demo” and go to settings and change password and that’s it!

Hope that helps - let us know how it goes and what you make with Blocs+ Pulse :blush:

Just made a quick video to show how to install:


Thank you for your help with this. :slight_smile: Warm Regards, - Randy

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