Unique Member progress tracking and/or Tincan API integrator with Pulse CMS?

Just wondering if anyone has integrated an LMS (Learning Management system) or (Learning Record Store) in the Pulse CMS?

My team are in the process of creating a “Members Only” paywall for more considered articles and resources such as nutrition plans and mood tracking etc.

We are templating the designs through blocs and adding content to those themes through the Pulse CMS. We then have the paywall directing members to the landing page to access the ever increasing paid content. What we would like to do, but have not found a solution for is progress tracking.

For example if we create a 6 week nutrition plan it would be amazing for their progress to pick up where they last left off… we have found that Articulate has an HTML elearn platform called RISE that allows to track the user through the Tincan API… but have no idea how to integrate such a solution into Pulse.

Does anyone have any other ideas of how we could capture a members unique progression? Thanks in advance!

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Thanks @bammac - and interested to see this.

I imagine if your development team can handle such a system creation that adding into Pulse will be easy. It can take any embedding or API integration as it’s just standard PHP so they should be able to create a custom plugin or modification for this.

I’m not sure if anyone has specifically done this before but sounds like it can be done.

Keep us updated!

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I wish we could handle API integration, but we are managing the setup through various service providers to manage each component of the project so that leaves us to focus on the content. Up until this point, blocs, pulse and others have allowed us to stay out of the more complicated elements.

Blocs + Pulse is a great combo.

Hope you can find an easy embed solution. Ask Tincan community how embedded in PHP sites in the past?

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