Upload images in Redactor/WYSIWIG Editor

iI have two question on handling images in the WYSISWG Editor:

Question 1
The size limitation for image uploads doesn’t work.
i set the image size to 900 px in the config.php, but it doesn’t effect the uploads -I could upload pics with a size of 2000 pixels. Does anyone have a solution?

Question 2
i want to disable the manual resize option for pictures in the WYSIWIG Editor. My client is always messing up the layout by manually scaling the pic to crasy sizes.
Has anyone done this before?

I tried adding these lines to “redactor_options.js” didn’t work …

(found it on this site:external link )

"imageResizable: true"


Thanks @Gohanova - let us took a look at Q1 but should be working!

Q2 - try setting it to “false”


I’ve just re-read your question 1 @Gohanova

Can you confirm you set to “900” and not “900px”?
And 2000px images will still be uploaded but they will be scaled down to 900px. Can you see this behaviour?



Thanks for your Replay!
(I Updated to 4.6 … i like the changes a lot)

Question 1:
I can confirm, that the config.php is set to ‘900’ … without “px”
the uploads still are oversized after being uploaded to the server …

butt things seam to be a little more complicated then i assumed:

i uploaded a pic with a width of over 4000px
After being uploaded, the picture has a size of 1200px even though I set the config.php to ‘900’

Any suggestions?

Question 2
the resizing ind Reductor works …
i added this line to “redactor_options.js”:

“imageResizable: false,”

the Website is www.3d-kjc.de

Thanks for your Help!

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Glad you like the changes @Gohanova!

Did you also set resampling to “true” in the config.php?

I set resampling to true.

I found the mistake - and it was on my side.
I assumed the 900 pixel would refer to the width of the picture - but it actually defines the height.

Sorry for taking your time on this issue. I have a small tip - it might be helpful to put a note in the config.php, that the 900 refers to the height of the pics :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support!

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