Using Lightbox-Mosaic-Swipe in Pulse 4.5.2

Last month in the “old forum” @Mary was kind enough to share her code to create a Lightbox-Mosaic-Swipe plugin for use in the Pulse Classic version. See

I have been successful in making this work!

Thanks Mary and others contributing to that discussion.

My quest is for the code reconfigured so I can add the same plugin to Version 4.5.2?

Try as I may I can’t seem to make it happen. If someone has done this - please share. I would be most grateful.

Kind regards and thanks in anticipation.

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Hi Ace!
I allready did in pulse4! But it doesn’t work as it should, laggy as…:pensive: I tried everthing but untill now, no solution found. The strange thing is that it shows the same laggyness in preview-gallery in pulse3!
Look here you can see it in (not so good) action:

Do you want instructions on to how to implement this in pulse4? Just let me know, maybe you’ll find the bug! In case you do:
You need to edit inc/tags/gal.php after you add a folder swipe-lightbox with the 2 javascripts in the plugins-folder. And the css in inc/tags/css.

I also changed this in gal.php at the bottom of the page (notice one .imagelightbox has a l and the other one L, tried both, does seem to do much) this helped a little bit but not enough.

$(’.gallery’).each(function() {
delegate: ‘a’,
type: ‘image’,
disableOn: 10,


$( function()
    $( 'a' ).imageLightbox();

I hope we can find out together what the issue is here. Good luck and please let me know!


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Hi Mary (and others on the side)

Thanks for your prompt response and apologies for the long delay in response. Over the past two days I have been over committed so have had no chance to get back onto this quest - but I do appreciate your advice.

Regrettably I will not be able to return to this for at least another week - my intention is to keep you posted of progress.

I invite others to maybe give this a try as this additional touch slider looks very good on Mary’s version 3 Demo Page at


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