What's with the charge?


Hey everyone!

I noticed a charge for almost $200 today. I thought this is a 1 and done thing in terms of payment when I paid close to $300 the first time a year or two ago. Did membership policy change?


hi nate,

to be honest, i kinda understood the same. for me as a non-regular user (im not a web developer and technically i probably make 1 page a year for customers) it is kind of pricey, but i'm still around because i really like the simpleness of the system. lets see in the next years.

this is michaels answer to my question last year.

"Thanks Santiago and sorry for the confusion if the wording wasn't clear.

The offer back on the pre-order was to get started with Pulse5 BETA early then get the final release and 12 months support after that. So in total it was about 1.5 years.

  • account in support forum will be still active but of course from our side we have to prioritise paying users
  • You can keep using current sites and create new ones using the 5.1 you have, but you won't get 5.2, 5.3 etc downloads
  • current websites will be live and not affected.

Hope you feel it's worth continuing, you'll be able to get all the latest versions, create more Just Forms, and keep getting bug/features updates.

Thanks for getting in touch and let us know if you have any other questions!"


Hey! Thanks for the response. Kinda sad when a person not even from Pulse CMS got back to me before anyone from the actual company. I'm done with this. Would you happen know how to cancel so this doesn't happen again?


Also found it kinda sketchy that there's no direct email I can find to contact support, it's just the forum. And it seems like I'm not the only one who thought this.


hm not sure, but yes, i guess contact them directly and tell them you want to cancel the account, i suppose that will do it.


I have sent emails by contacting him directly, but I don't see him cancel the subscription or Pulsecms account, I've been trying to cancel for several months now! Even in the panel I have canceled and it sends me to a successful cancellation page but it is not so, today I received a renewal email, I think it is a robbery from you not wanting to cancel, and I have asked for it in several occasions! !!


Hello all, Nelo,

I’m having a similar issue. You can’t cancel. No response on emails and it even says you can private message them using this forum. If someone knows how to do this I would like to hear.


Did anyone else feel like this was a 1 and done deal when you first bought it and it was a a lifetime deal rather than a yearly subscription? Either way, it seems rather unfair to not have a way to directly contacting anyone. It seems that more and more people are coming out of the woodworks. I ended up just blocking them from being able to charge my card again. But I'm still out $200. Kinda ridiculous.

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