Working with subdomains?

My client bothers me with the requirement of subdomains. He has a large range of products/services, and wants to place some branches into a subdomain structure. I told him it could be confusing to prospective customers, and that I would rather build a subdirectory structure. But he can’t be discouraged wanting subdomains.

As I understand it, a subdomain needs a separate folder on the web server. But I guess, that means that I would have to install Pulse in each of those subdomains, right? That would be total overkill.

So, my question is: Is there any way within Pulse to route to different content folders (one in the main domain and some more of them in the subdomains)? I hope, I could explain what the requirement is, English is not my natural language.

In my opinion, this all does not make too much sense. But dlients do have the strangest ideas sometimes … :unamused:

Edit: Someone had a similar question, see Splitting a website. The old licenses from the former Pulse owners allowed the use of one license for up to three subdomains, as it seems. But I still don’t know if I could control a couple of subdomains with one Pulse installation, apart from the license issue.

Hi Torsten,
I guess that was me who started that topic. It seems you can use one pulse in a site with subdomains with their own index, no problem! But offcourse with only one blog. And I use pulse3. If you would like to ask how I did that or if you have any problems please let me know!

Hi Mary,

yes, you were the thread starter in deed. I have already told my client that it is a bad and unusual idea, too complicated, the license does not allow it etc., and I hope he will bother me no longer. But if he does, I will ask for your solution, thank you for offering your help!

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