3.5.7 PHP support?

Hi guys,

My clients host (currently running PHP 5.6) is about to force a PHP upgrade (v7.x) on my client. My client is currently running Pulsepro 3.5.7 and very happy with it.

I’ve previously run into problems with another client, that was running an even older Pulsepro version, which after the PHP update no longer worked.

Hence my question, will Pulsepro 3.5.7 run on updated PHP 7.x servers?

Have a lovely day and thanks for your answers!

Hmm… I thought this to be a rather straight forward question. Anyone know any answers?

Not really, if no one tested this before…

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No idea @k1p57a this hasn’t been tested

I don’t see why not but I would recommend before proceeding:

  • make a site backup
  • move the server forward
  • roll it back and reinstall backup if it doesn’t work
  • if you can’t then you’ll either have to upgrade the site to Pulse 5 or move to a PHP5.6 server (not recommended) like GoDaddy

Pulse 5 works with PHP7+ and PHP7+ is the recommended version for security reasons

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