4.7 Self Hosted

Can I still get a download of v.4.7. without signing up for Club

Club is 4.7 self-hosted :slight_smile:
You provide the servers!

Where can I get the latest version so I can update Pulse on my servers. Isn’t 4.7 a free update for all license holders?

There is no download link - https://www.pulsecms.com/blog
It looks like the only way to get it is to signup for Pulse Cloud/Club

Seems like you have provided download links to other license holders - Pulse 4.7 is here and the best version of Pulse yet ⚡️


From that page:

How to get it
Added to your Pulse Cloud Dashboard for easy access.
Free update to all 4.x users!
If you’re on the email list, it’s already been emailed out (or will be soon!)
If have 4.5.2, click the “download” link in the admin UI.
If you have neither the above, sign up to the mailing list9 and get it!
Don’t forget to buy your license for using Pulse on a live / remote server!

Get your Pulse CMS license. Valid for as many sites as you wish.
Get it here from Pulse Cloud

We sent it out by email - are you not on the email list?
I’ll DM you but please join up to the email list so easier to get news updates :slight_smile:

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