5.2 upgrade overwrote my site

I just upgraded a 5.1 site to 5.2.1 using the upgrade method in control panel extend - and it overwrote most of the content with the default content.
I downloaded the entire site and saved it locally before the upgrade. I have now had to delete all the new site from server and am in process of uploading all the old files.
This is a bit of a worry - on a live site.

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Site is now restored. I realise now that I should have saved the logs before I nuked and paved. And that also I could have probably just uploaded content and template folders, but it was a bit of a panic.
Here are things to bear in mind good Pulse friends…

  1. the in place upgrade process seems to have failed in this case.
  2. If you reinstate a site from local backups, you cannot just place the files back on the server. Pulse has got more complicated over the years and you will have to reinstall it.
  3. At which point you will realise that you cannot log in anymore, using either the default password, or you old one.
  4. Which is very worrying as I have never successfully managed to get Pulse to resend my password by email.
  5. So you need to make sure that you upload your old pulsecore/storage folder as it contains important stuff including ability to log in.

Will use the old FTP method in future.
On a plus note though, I am delighted that the Pulse social tagging now works inthe Blog. Previously if you hit a button, FB, mail or whatever it would target the site or blog page, now it targets the actual blog post which is what was required.
Thanks :slight_smile:


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