5.3.2 Final Release is today 🤩


5.3.2 is ready to download now!

Over 20+ improvements, amends and fixes. Learn more on that below.

Thanks to everyone who helped us get to this stage: bug reporters, feature requesters and BETA testers.

Including at least: @Oliver, @ezchile, @chad, @IvaRo, @ArmendHajdari, @instacks, @annett, @jdloudon and @junction10 :heart_eyes:

To get it?
To get it, go to your Pulse account dashboard and download it today! :zap::man_singer:

What’s changed?
We announced the coming changes here:

But will give the final run-down here with a few more things added:

Pulse 5.3.2




As always, thank you for your support and keep the feedback coming and help spread the word on Pulseness :kissing_heart:

We have more planned for 5.3.3 and enjoy the rest of Spring :bouquet:

Happy Pulsing! :zap:

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Work started on 5.3.3