5.3.2 site stopped working completely

https://cakespirit.co.uk/ has been going for some years. No problems at all. Yesterday my client said it had stopped working. An indeed it was just generating a 500 server error.
To check the domain I removed the .htaccess file and put up a simple html test. It connected.
So I figured it might be a corrupted .htaccess file, so I experimented with various versions of that.
Nothing worked so eventually I just ran admin/install and after that it was all there again.
However, the navigation was in wrong order - easily fixed, but most importantly, the blog tags do not work. Search function does but not tags.


How did it get broken and how can I fix it. Any ideas anyone?

I would recommend deleting or renaming the install.php file. This prevents someone or a bot from running it.
There has been a case where someone used this script to reset or damage an install. Although it could be many things including other scripts or the web host having an issue/incident.

I checked the site now, and the tags seem to be working. Can you send a specific example of a broken tag?

Well this is odd. All tags were not working and clicking on one would genereate a 404 error. Seems to have fixed itself. No idea how or why. Likewise no idea why it all stopped working.
Good idea bout the install files. Will go through all my Puilse sites and do that.
How are developments looking on next release?

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