5.3.6: Admin Preview Button - Wrong URL - Solution

Thanks for the release of version 5.3.6.

Clicking on Admin | Preview Button opens a new window but leaves you still at Dashboard!

I flagged this anomaly with version 5.3.5 and see that it has not been corrected in version 5.3.6 so I went hunting and have a recommended solution.

Open admin\index.php and change line 236.
Original has "PULSE_ADMIN_URL". Should be "PULSE_BASE_URL"

Thanks @junction10 for your solution. Hope you don't mind that I have followed your style for presenting suggested solutions to the rest of the forum followers! Every discovery and solution refines this great package!


No problem.. just one caveat.. Maybe I shouldn't have labelled it as 'solution'.. it's a fudge, but it works for me.. There's no saying that my fix may be broken in the next build, and I really don't know if it can break functionality elsewhere.. I don't think it can, but it's worth noting that anyone who tries these fixes does so at their own risk.. I'd hate to think that Michael is having to spend hours rewriting code to work alongside one of my fudges.. but, I need to get an updated stable build on to my client's website, and after a few hours of testing, I can't see my fix breaks anything else - but I could be wrong...
However - it works for me..

That's wishful thinking. I'm not convinced that he is even still around.

The trend of unanswered posts leads me to believe that this project, for the most part, has been abandoned.

I'm sure you would have all received yesterday's message from Michael.

I read with great expectation to see the results of his offer to:-

"Also, whilst we have been trying our best to both add improvements / new features and fix bugs we need to be able to respond with you in a better way and have listened to your feedback, so we have some team improvements coming soon. We will announce this on the forums shortly."

Now it's up to you Michael. We welcome what you have in mind!


Thanks everyone - this was fixed in 5.3.7!

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