A novice with a basic query, so be gentle with me LOL

Hi All, i am not a serious user of Rapidweaver, i have just started to use PulseCMS with a fair degree of success, or so i thought until tonight.

A lady friend of mine sent me a lovely picture of herself, i thought i would simply drag and drop it into my Pulse CMS picture gallery !

But when i view it Online at http://timmytoad.net/photos/gallery-plus/ i cannot believe it, the picture has been rotated 90 degrees ??? can anyone explain why this has happened please.

When viewed in Finder the picture is correct, all the other pictures in this same picture gallery are correct and always have been, so why does this one picture of this lovely lady friend of mine be 90 degrees out !?

Does anyone have an explanation ?


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Nice Testarosa Tim!

I think the image you are mentioning is this one:

It looks rotated on the server (not a Pulse thing) so I believe if you rotate this back to central point, save it and reupload it (overwrite) this image it should be fine

Please try that and let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

@pulsecms Hiya Michael , thanks for your suggestion, i still dont understand it, but i got it back onto my hard drive and it was still laying down, so to speak, i then rotated it back to upright in Preview, and uploaded it again, hey presto, it stayed the right way up !!!

My mate Colin is in the Ferrari, i asked him to upload a few photos, just to show him how easy this CMS stuff is. The Jaguar pictures are his contribution as well, he used to work in a Jaguar dealership up in Perth up north in Bonnie Scotland !


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Each image from the camera (mobile) has superposed place photography, brightness, contrast ..., image rotation. Server (PHP library for IMG.) Are governed by these data.

Každý obrázok z fotoaparatu (mobil) má v sebe uložené miesto fotenia, jas, kontrast ..., natočenie snímku. Server (knižnica PHP pre img.) sa riadi podľa uvedených údajov.


@IvaRo Cheers Robo, would that be the same as the EXIF stuff ?


Yes, if you view the properties of the image, there are those values EXIF.
Photoshop also writes all changes to the image.
The origin of the image, the camera to use, kobs, mobile phone etc …

This photo was created phone, standing vertical.


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