A really simple php interface for Pulse CMS Photo functionality that let you focus on html/css/js

Hello everybody,

I would like to announce a small tool I hope the community can find it useful for developing gallery plug-ins.

Pulse Photo Interface

Easly create a gallery plug-in based on Pulse Photo functionality (back-end uploading, re-sorting and captioning) with this interface that provides php sorted arrays of photos and captions.

More on github project page…

I successfully used this interface to implement two new Pulse tags



They are both available for the community on a dedicated web site,

here Card Collection
and here Bootstrap 3 Carousel

Each piece of software is open-source so you are all welcome to improve.



Really great work @Tarqez and welcome to the community with these excellent contributions!

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This is great @Tarqez and good to see some of the heavy lifting code (PHP) being abstracted away from the structure (HTML) and display (CSS) side of things.

I only wish I’d thought of it myself! :slight_smile:


Thank you @TimPlumb, I appreciate your words.

I saw your Pulse add-ons and I wish the same.

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