Adding Products to E-Commerce

Three questions regarding the E-commerce functionality of Pulse CMS sites:

1/ Where is the Pulse E-commerce spreadsheet template file, that I can use to input all my product data? And how do I upload the spreadsheet to the E-commerce section of a Pulse CMS site?

2/ What do the numbers in the Rating column refer to?

3/ Is it possible to show if products are out of stock?


  1. It's an XML file.
    Location: inc/plugins/unishop/shop.xml

You can copy/paste all the products into this format or add them individually from the Pulse admin backend

  1. This is to show a rating value of the product based on customer feedback. It can be zero.

  2. Not as yet but they can be delete them temporarily.

Thanks @palej for your answers.

  1. I've had a look at the XML file you directed me to. This isn't useful at all. If I need to upload lots of products to an online store, then it needs to be created in a spreadsheet and then saved as a .csv file. Since I posted my original questions, I've built a store in a matter of hours using Ecwid and implemented that into my site.

  2. Information like this should be in the Pulse CMS documentation. How do customers rate products? Is there an option on the product pages? Sorry that I'm having to ask, but I've been unable to see the Pulse CMS shop, as I can never load more than the default home page. Can this ratings option be disabled? Things like this are open to misuse and often add very little benefit for shop owners.

  3. I don't want to delete products from a database. I just need an online shop that informs customers whether products they want to order are in stock or not.

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