Admin page 'stuck'

I have a Pulse site displaying correctly and the admin page verifies the password and then displays an empty password box again. In other words, I am not able to get to the content page.

I’m not sure where to look for troubleshooting this problem.

Is your config PHP correctly set up? Are you using a subdomain for your installation?

As @instacks mentioned, it’s most likely a PHP version too low…

Try here for troubleshooting and use the /admin/install.php to verify your server against Pulse :slight_smile:

Let us know!

Actually my host is running php 5.4.45 and that’s not current but it is greater than the 5.3+ that install.php lists as required.
My problem was probably with Chrome and had noting to do with PulseCMS! When I found Safari worked, I hardly ever use Safari, I cleaned up Chrome and the problem was resolved.

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