Adobe Muse integration

Hi there

has anyone integrated pulse into adobe muse succesfully? i really dont get it at all.
Maybe someone has any advises?


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Interesting idea @jenus
I’ve not seen this either but would be great if someone who has done it could share their experiences!

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It is possible but absolutly no fun. Muse generates so much bloat code that the time to
clean it, is a waste of time (just my opinion).
Maybe there is so much code because Muse is already a CMS with Adobes Inbrowserediting.

If you like to create/prototype quick sites with clean code, go for Pinegrow, my daily Tool. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replies. I like the way of designing sites in muse. I read it a lot about the thing with the code in muse. I cant coding at all. Long time i used rapidweaver. But even there i got some problems to integrate pulse.

Thanks for the hint about pinegrow. Will take a look at it.

Best regards

Thanks @Oliver
Is your workflow Pinegrow > Pulse?
If so, would love to hear more about that. Maybe even a blog post?? :slight_smile:

@jenus ^ how are you trying to integrate into RapidWeaver? Would like to hear more about this also. And theme integration is something to be worked on so that it is much easier to work with any website builder.

But at the moment the easiest is using a handcoded HTML5 / PHP site based on any framework (Bootstrap, Foundation) and using a text editor to make your theme.

Or if you want to design with an app try Freeway and look at @TimPlumb’s guide:

Or something like Pinegrow

Or use a theme already built:

Let us all know how it goes!

Hi @pulsecms Michael,
yes my workflow at the moment is Brackets/Webuilder or Pinegrow -> Pulse.
First I bought Pinegrow for prototyping and since it became Wordpress compatibility, it made
my theme development a little easier.

In the future I will use it more and more for Pulse (as I told you, new Love ;-))
Give me some time and for sure I can make a little Tutorial in the Blog how I convert a Pinegrow HTML Template to Pulse.

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I may have to pick your brains at some point @Oliver about Pinegrow. :slight_smile:
I’ve had the application pretty much since it started but I’ve never really used it for development work. I know I need to spend some time to get to grips with it but when there’s work to be done I just can’t seem to find the time.

Thanks @Oliver

In fact if you could that would be great and I’d like to add it to the official Pulse CMS blog as a guest post? Let me know when you have some time for this :wink:

Looking forward for a Pinegrow mini-tutorial!

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Is there still demand for this?

We’re looking at coffeecup integration next:

Adobe Muse exporting / integration won’t happen now: