As further Pulse?

As further Pulse?
Everything indicates to it. the owner and developers PulseCMS, lost interest in the initial buyer CMS.
Example: I want one license = nonsensical and greedy club.
All this is done only for a few individuals.
Everywhere in the world, you get to buy software included one year of support (free).

Pulse = CSS / framework =?
PulseCMS so far is a mixture of different css (blog, gal, form).
If you want a nice and correct page, you must rewrite these css and use reasonable grid. While the PulseCMS only half intermediate.

What is the future PulseCMS?
will remain half intermediate?
It will be called ClubPulseCMS?


Thanks for the feedback. That is a leftover of the old version, and we’ll have a look to make it better in version 5.

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Come on @IvaRo - “greedy” is a little unfair…

But we now have two options:

  1. People who want to buy a single license and try it can do that as mentioned here:
    Single license to try Pulse before committing to the Club

  2. When people are using Pulse more, it makes sense to join the club. They’ll save so much more money… so it’s better for them and not “greedy”

But there’s a choice, 1 or 2, so I think it’s fair.

(There’s a choice 3 called “WordPress”, which is “free” right :wink: )

As @instacks said, that is legacy code and we’ll look at making that better in time.

A glimpse into what is coming is here:

And Future of Pulse is amazing! And very professional, not intermediate as you suggest.

Thanks for your feedback and hope you keep enjoying Pulse :zap:

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