At risk while using Pulse in TEST mode (without serial-number)?

Lately I was working for several hours in the Pulse Admin of a new installation, no serial-number inserted yet. I was suddenly diverged to the Pulse website onto a page indicating that I should buy a licence.
That is fair enough but meanwhile my last work in Pulse Admin was lost ! This was not my idea of happy Pulsing !

Is this a new Pulse feature or a bug in version 4.5.2 ? Are there any other surprises hidden in Pulse ?

Anyone the same experience ?

In test mode I would suggest a popup from time to time while navigation within the admin or at every start of the admin to remind the user that Pulse is not freeware.

Thanks @boisdejardin – I suspect you hit the “TRIAL VERSION” button in the footer?

To avoid this, inserting your license in development stage would be recommended :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t say it was a bug or a surpise - after all you were using a trial version of the software as you say. Pop up in test mode would probably be more interferring but yes we are looking at ways to improve this and make people aware that Pulse is not freeware as you say.

Any other suggestions to accomplish this, please get in touch! :wink:

NB - this link was there in older versions of Pulse too…

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