Automatic Closure of Forum Threads

I’m wondering what the thinking is behind automatically closing threads on this forum after 5 days. I appreciate that forum administrators perhaps don’t want us to reopen discussions that are months or even years old, but 5 days does feel an incredibly short period of time to me.

Personally I don’t know anyone who can develop a site within that short time-frame without hitting at least one or two technical challenges that may require assistance or feedback from the wider community. For example, I’ve been having to answer questions on a thread that I created a week or so ago, simply to keep it open and unlocked.

Surely 30 or 60 days is more realistic? That would enable new and existing forum members sufficient time to assist one another, without stressing over whether their topic thread is just about to auto close or not.

I’d be interested to hear other members views on this.

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Thanks @DerekDigital - sure we can change that :slight_smile:

The reasons behind it at the time were to best monitor and filter things and as we ship updates regularly closing or checking off threads were our way of saying “it’s been fixed” so new users wouldn’t think it was an outstanding issue if searching the forum.

As the community grows it will be manageable and then we can take off the auto-closing.

Let’s switch it to 14 days for now as we usually get issue closed in 2 weeks and see how that goes

Thanks for being involved in the forums!


Derek, thank you for mentioning this. Without explanation it sounds kind of weird. But I can see the thinking behind this current restriction on closing. It’s OK for now :relaxed:

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Thanks for the explanation Michael and I totally understand your thinking.

An increase to 14 days sounds great :slight_smile: That should allow sufficient time for Pulse CMS users to ask for advice or gather feedback, test things, and then come back to original thread with any supplementary questions that we may have.

Thanks for listening. It’s much appreciated.


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