Backup's won't delete on the backup page, why?

Hi all, here's hoping that you can help.
My client’s website is here:
He is using an old version of Pulse 3.0.6.
He has a backup page which is collecting a whole lot of backups, there are over 40 at the moment.
He’s asking how to delete or if it’s possible just to have one backup which overrides the backup before it?
I’ve tried to delete a backup using the little x, but when I do I just get a blank page, and if i go back a page then the backup is still there (along with all the others).

Do I just tell him that it’s an old version of the software and there is no way to delete?

Hi @Gabrielle, you can try deleting the backups off the server. It's probably keeping sequential backups so it's a better archive. Unless there are any errors when deleting from the admin UI it might be best just to delete from the Backup folder on the server install. If possible, however, we recommend updating to the latest version.

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Ok thank you for the info. Yes am trying my best to get them to say yes to a full upgrade of everything but it's a slow process.

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