Become a Pulse ambassador

Become a Pulse ambassador today and get paid when you refer new users to Pulse:

You might have lots of followers on Twitter, be able to write articles for blogs, refer clients in an email or just do a local Pulse work shop and get everyone signed up before you start.

  • Earn a handsome 30%~45% on every sale you refer!
  • Free to get started and instant approval.
  • Promote on Twitter, Facebook, Email Blast…
  • Make a side income whilst you freelance away.
  • Low payout threshold via PayPal or Stripe.
  • Refer other ambassadors and create more earnings.

Let’s spread the Pulse love around and get more users into the fold!

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Sign ups going well for this - really great to see everyone’s support.
Let’s get spreading the word!

Please let me know if the Ambassador program is available for unlimited / agency plan also? In the affiliate system i can see only the 1 and 5 sites listed as Products.

at the moment no but great idea. Will put that together in 30 minutes. Hang on…

OK @dan that’s live :slight_smile:

To start with it’s 30%~ for the initial sale
Then 10% recurring annually

Cheers and hope you can guide people to Pulse!
Any needs for resources or things that might help just let me know