Black friday deal

was interested in renewing my annual aprill subscription now if I could take advantage of the black friday sale. if so, how does one purchase the black friday sale but add it to an existing pulse account? thanks!!

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Absolutely @chad

If you take advantage of the BlackFriday/CyberMonday deal then we will add a further 12 months onto your account.

So for April renewal your account will go until April 2020 :slight_smile:

Send me a message on the forum when you’ve done this and we’ll make the account adjustments.

thanks so much! but, unfortunately, it took my contact info and took my credit card, then, threw this error:

Sorry this email address is already registered

no sure if it billed my card yet or not.

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Thanks @chad

No it didn’t! You’d get an email receipt immediately if it does.

I think there’s a confusion there between the PayPal + Stripe

As you originally signed up via PayPal, could you send the amount via PayPal from this custom checkout page here (they can run credit cards only too) and we’ll credit it to your account.


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perfect! money has been sent, thanks again!!


Thanks @chad - upgrade has been added to your account! :slight_smile:

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