Blocs 3.2.2 and pulse 5.3.1 still have a button problem

hi … I still have the button problem. I dont get the buttons round ? Inside blocs the buttons are round. after pulse export the buttons not round. Do I anything wrong ? I put the pulse files on the server. delete the content folder and the template folder and put the exported folder on the server …?

Can you provide a link to the site?

Hi @pulsecms
thanks for your answer. I am sorry for the delay … I have no site online at the moment. But the problem is easy to explain:

I make button inside blocs and make it round. After pulse export the button are not round …

When I only do an blocs export the button is round …
I also tried a custom class for the round button, but there is the same problem. I dont know if there is any one else ( who use blocs and pulse ) with the same problem …

Hi Tom,

The problem is that the buttons aren’t able to pic up the style classes.

We need a live view on this with an example of a working and a non working button.


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